Month: May 2016

Controller tuning with the In Control tool

Why is there a dead band in my controller? Why isn’t the integral gain compensating for this steady state error?

FlexSEA Design Files

Disclaimer: ***ToDo*** Names and versions: FlexSEA-Execute: PWR_STG_0_1 (2013), PWR_STG_0_2 (2014), FlexSEA-Execute 0.1 (2014), FlexSEA-Execute 0.2 (2016) FlexSEA-Manage: MiddleMan 0.1 (2014), Manage 0.1

Programming Adapters

FlexSEA-Manage and FlexSEA-Execute require special programming adapters (shortened as Prog Adapt) because the cables and connectors used on the MiniProg

Using the FlexSEA GUI

Important: we are currently working hard on adding functionality to the GUI. A major code reorganization is planned (to have

Tools and hardware needed

FlexSEA-Execute: If you start with a brand new Execute board you’ll need to solder wires for the power supply and

Qt and VirtualBox

VirtualBox can be used, instead of VMWare, but a few issues can arise. The notes below cover the problem we encountered. The default

Install Git and get source files

Download and install the latest version of Git. Windows: Linux:  sudo apt-get install git-all All the source files are

FlexSEA-Manage 0.1 Specifications

Elect. Supply voltage (V) 5V in (from Plan or USB), on-board 3V3 regulator Current (mA) 105mA (standalone, latest code running)

FlexSEA-Execute 0.2 Test Status

Organized by schematic sheet, then function/module. Last update: 05/14/2016. Schematic sheet Module Status Details PSoC 5 Core OK PSoC can