Programming FlexSEA-Execute 0.x

Note: If your board was never programmed make sure to follow Preparing a new FlexSEA-Execute board (Software) first. You can tell by the red LED: flashing = good, no RED LED = you need to program the co-processor first.

List of parts:
  • 1x FlexSEA-Execute 0.x with connectors
  • 1x MiniProg3
  • 1x Execute Prog Adapt
  • PSoC Creator and 2x code projects

Open the ‘execute’ project in PSoC Creator (…/execute/execute.cywrk). Open main.h and make sure that the modules you want are enabled:
//Enable/Disable sub-modules:
#define USE_RS485
#define USE_USB
#define USE_COMM //Requires USE_RS485 and/or USE_USB
#define USE_QEI1
#define USE_TRAPEZ
//#define USE_DIETEMP
#define USE_I2C_0               //3V3, IMU & Expansion.
#define USE_I2C_1               //5V, Safety-CoP & strain gauge pot.
#define USE_IMU                 //Requires USE_I2C_0
#define USE_STRAIN //Requires USE_I2C_1
//#define USE_SPI_COMMUT
//#define USE_MINM_RGB //External RGB LED. Requires USE_I2C_0.
Power the board, and connect the Miniprog to Execute (with the Prog Adapt). Use the connector that says ‘5’ or ‘Main’ (depends on your HW version). Click Program and expect to see:
Programming started for device: ‘PSoC 5LP CY8C5888AX*-LP096’.
Device ID Check
Programming of User NVL Succeeded
Programming of Flash Starting…
Verify Checksum…
Device ‘PSoC 5LP CY8C5888AX*-LP096’ was successfully programmed at 03/17/2015 14:59:09.
After a few seconds the RGB LED will be ON. Refer to LED conventions & codes to know what the color means. A green LED should be flashing and the red LED should be gently pulsing as an indication that both PSoC are working properly. Power cycling might be required.