Debugging FlexSEA-Execute with the MiniProg3

In Programming FlexSEA-Execute 0.x we went over using the MiniProg3 to program Execute. With the same tool, the MiniProg, you

Understanding main.h (Execute)

//Valid communication from USB? if(cmd_ready_usb != 0) { cmd_ready_usb = 0; //Cheap trick to get first line //ToDo: support more

Debugging: broken circuit and/or sensor?

Your prosthetic joint was up and running, you were playing with control gains… and then something broke. How can you easily

Controller tuning with the In Control tool

Why is there a dead band in my controller? Why isn’t the integral gain compensating for this steady state error?

FlexSEA Design Files

Disclaimer: ***ToDo*** Names and versions: FlexSEA-Execute: PWR_STG_0_1 (2013), PWR_STG_0_2 (2014), FlexSEA-Execute 0.1 (2014), FlexSEA-Execute 0.2 (2016) FlexSEA-Manage: MiddleMan 0.1 (2014), Manage 0.1

Programming Adapters

FlexSEA-Manage and FlexSEA-Execute require special programming adapters (shortened as Prog Adapt) because the cables and connectors used on the MiniProg

Using the FlexSEA GUI

Important: we are currently working hard on adding functionality to the GUI. A major code reorganization is planned (to have

Tools and hardware needed

FlexSEA-Execute: If you start with a brand new Execute board you’ll need to solder wires for the power supply and

Qt and VirtualBox

VirtualBox can be used, instead of VMWare, but a few issues can arise. The notes below cover the problem we encountered. The default