Programming Adapters

FlexSEA-Manage and FlexSEA-Execute require special programming adapters (shortened as Prog Adapt) because the cables and connectors used on the MiniProg and ST-Link programmers/debuggers are too big. They are very simple circuits, simply connecting a big connector to a small FFC connector. By convention we use the FFC cable “facing down” (conductors facing the PCB) on both ends of the cable. These FFC cables have a 0.5mm pitch, you need to handle them carefully (do not force them, make sure they are perpendicular, do not bend them too much, etc.). If you are planning on programming the same circuit many times it is recommended to hot glue the Prog Adapt in place and to connect/disconnect the ribbon cable (the one that came with your programmer) in your experiments.
Hardware files available at FlexSEA Design Files.

FlexSEA-Execute 0.x:


FlexSEA-Manage 0.1: