FlexSEA-Manage 0.1 Specifications

Elect. Supply voltage (V) 5V in (from Plan or USB), on-board 3V3 regulator
Current (mA) 105mA (standalone, latest code running)
Processor Reference STM32F427ZIT6
Special features Floating-point co-processor
Software / IDE Eclipse C/C++, ARM GCC, OpenOCD GDB
Serial interfaces Type 2x [3x Half-Duplex RS-485]
Bandwidth Up to 10Mbps
Type Full-duplex SPI
Bandwidth 20+ Mbps (tested up to 12Mbps)
USB Full-Speed (FS) / High-Speed (HS)
Periph. / features FLASH memory 128Mbits
IMU 6-axis (3x accelero, 3x gyro)
Power output 2x 24V 1A high-side switches
LEDs 2x green, 1x RGB
Switches 1x user input switch
External periph. Connector Molex PicoClasp 40 positions, SMD 1mm pitch
IOs available 17, shared with functions below
Digital IOs Up to 9, protected
Analog inputs 8x 12-bit SAR with special functions
Serial I²C, SPI, USART
Physical X (mm) 40
Y (mm) 40
Z (mm) 10.7
PCB tech. Layers 4
Copper 1Oz
Trace/space/via 5/5 mils trace/space, 8/20 mils vias
Technology Standard
Assembly Double-sided