Preparing a new FlexSEA-Execute board (Software)

Note: follow this tutorial the first time you use a new FlexSEA-Execute board (one that was never programmed).
FlexSEA-Execute has two microcontrollers. The first one that needs to be programmed is the Safety-CoP, a PSoC 4. Unless you work on low-level security code, you will only need to program this microcontroller once.
List of parts:
  • 1x FlexSEA-Execute 0.x with connectors
  • 1x MiniProg3
  • 1x Execute Prog Adapt
  • PSoC Creator and 2x code projects
Estimated time: 0h20.

Step 1) Power the board

Connect a power cable between Execute and a lab power supply. It is recommended to start with 0V and a low current limit, then slowly increase the voltage while making sure that the current stays low the first time that you power a new board. When you reach reach a few volts 4 LEDs should turn on. You can use any voltage from 10 to 48V. I usually keep it low while programming for the first time (my current setup is 15V with a current limit <100mA), just in case something is wrong on the board.
Other power options include using the USB port, or powering at 5V from the MiniProg. Using an external supply is usually the most stable option.

Step 2) Code project, programmer connection (PSoC 4)

Open PSoC Creator, File > Open > Project/Workspace > navigate to …\execute-cop\execute-cop.cydsn\ and select the .cywrk file. Build execute-cop and make sure that there is no error message. Connect the FFC to the Execute board. You will want to use the connecter that says “4”, or “CoP”. The FFC connectors accept two orientations. The most convenient one is to have the conductors facing the PCB. In any case, make sure to use the same orientation on both ends of the cable.
Click Program. You’ll get a log similar to this:
Programming started for device: ‘PSoC 4200 CY8C4245LQ*-483’.
Device ID Check
Programming of Flash Starting…
Verify Checksum…
Device ‘PSoC 4200 CY8C4245LQ*-483’ was successfully programmed at 03/17/2015 14:54:08.
The Red LED right next to the PSoC 4 (The one marked with an ‘E’ on hardware v0.2)  should flash “aggressively” because the PSoC 5 isn’t programmed. The picture below is of a new Execute 0.1 being programmed for the first time:

Step 3) Program the PSoC 5