FlexSEA-Execute Development Tools

FlexSEA-Execute uses two microcontrollers. They are both Cypress Programmable System-On-Chip (PSoC). The main µC is a PSoC 5LP, and the co-processor is a PSoC 4. We use PSoC Creator to compile the code, program the µC and debug them. We do all this development on Windows, the only OS that Creator supports.
Step 1) Download and install PSoC Creator
Get the IDE at http://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-creator-integrated-design-environment-ide. I’m using 3.3, but the version you use shouldn’t matter.
Step 2) Install Git and get source files
Download the latest version of Git from https://git-scm.com/download. Install it. Restart if necessary.
All the source files are available on GitHug: https://github.com/JFDuval/FlexSEA. I’m currently working out of the Experimental branch: https://github.com/JFDuval/FlexSEA/tree/experimental
Navigate to where you want to put your working directory (/Documents/ is a good choice) and create an empty directory named FlexSEA-Git-Exp (name doesn’t matter). Right click on this directory and select “Git Bash Here”. It will open a special terminal that works just like your typical Linux terminal. Type git clone -b experimental https://github.com/JFDuval/FlexSEA/. It will download a copy of the experimental branch (that’s what -b experimental does) of the sources to your computer. Open that directory, and you should see FlexSEA, containing all the sub-projects.
Step 3) Compile the project
Open PSoC Creator. File > Open > Project/Workspace… and select the workspace in /execute/. You should get something like:
Click Build (Shift + F6) and make sure that you get the “Build Succeeded” message. You are now ready to program and/or debug Execute’s main microcontroller (PSoC 5).