Month: April 2016

LED conventions & codes

Execute 0.2: Manage 0.1:

Programming FlexSEA-Execute 0.x

Note: If your board was never programmed make sure to follow Preparing a new FlexSEA-Execute board (Software) first. You can tell by the

Preparing the FlexSEA-Execute 0.x board (Hardware)

List of parts: 1x FlexSEA-Execute 0.x assembled PCB 1x aluminum mounting plate 1x thermal pad 5x M2x4 screws AWG16 wire

Preparing a new FlexSEA-Execute board (Software)

Note: follow this tutorial the first time you use a new FlexSEA-Execute board (one that was never programmed). FlexSEA-Execute has

Software tips and tricks

Many of the posts I wrote for this website use Linux and Git commands… and they assume you know them.

FlexSEA-Execute Development Tools

FlexSEA-Execute uses two microcontrollers. They are both Cypress Programmable System-On-Chip (PSoC). The main µC is a PSoC 5LP, and the