Plan-Manage Cable (when Plan is a BBB)

We need a cable to link a Plan board (BBB) to a Manage board. The BBB is powering the Manage board.¬†For the BBB I’m using a 2×23 male header. For space sensitive applications wires could be soldered under the PCB rather than adding this extra connector. Pin assignment:
On the Manage board we use J3. +5VP is used to power the Manage board. +VP (Voltage Plan) is used to level-shift the SPI signals. It needs to be at the same voltage as the SPI signals coming out of the Plan board (3.3V in that case).
The Reset signal is not currently used but in the future it will allow the Plan to reset the Manage.
+5V: Red
+VP: Orange
GND: Black
SCK: Green
NSS: Yellow
MOSI: Orange
MISO: Blue
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